The Metropolitan Theatre is a rental facility that is available to the general public for any use that is approved by the Theatre Manager.  The facility is rented on a

“per day” basis and the fee schedule is below.  Upon rental of the facility you will be allowed access to the facility from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. the day of the event.  Arrangements can be made for setup time and rehearsal time as the facility schedule will allow, and these rates will be established and reflected in the final contract.  There are other costs that are not covered in the rental of the theatre and those are also reflected below.


            The “per day” rate does include access to theatre Production Manager.  This individual will oversee the general aspects of the event as it pertains to the facility, and insure that the needs of the renter have been met as far as the contract allows, as well as be the renters pre-show liaison to answer any questions and coordinate any contractual obligations of the theatre.  The Metropolitan Theatre has state-of-the-art sound and computerized lighting systems which are there for the renter to use.  If the renter has qualified technicians to run these systems the technicians will be given access to them.


            The Met Theatre also has a qualified staff of sound and lighting technicians should you require them.  These individuals are billed to the renter on a per day and/or an hourly basis as reflected below.  The hourly rates for these individuals are applicable from the time they are required to be there for setup, rehearsals, sound check and lighting focus, as well as any assistance that the renter would need for stage preparation.  The technicians are not to be used to transport gear that is not owned or rented by the theatre.  If the renter needs load-in and load-out assistance the Production Manager can put the renter in touch with the local IATSE and arrangements can be made with that union crew at the renter’s expense.



Theatre rental rates - $800 per night



Cleaning costs - $100



Sound Engineer

Lighting Technician- $125 per person, per day *

*These prices reflect up to 10 hours of work including a 30 minute break every 6 hours and 10 minute breaks every 2 hours.  The renter has the option of using their own sound and lighting technicians, but they do need to have full understanding of its operation.


House Staff

            Ticket Takers

            Spotlight Operators


            Stagehands - $10 per hour

The Metropolitan Theatre can provide staff for your event to cover these areas, three week notice is required.


Security – $20 per hour

The Metropolitan Theatre uses off-duty Morgantown Police as their security and the theatre management will inform the renter as to the security requirements for their event at the time of the contract negotiations.



The renter will secure the theatre upon receipt of a signed contract and the pre-established deposit.  All dates will remain open until the signed contract and deposit is received, however the theatre manager will make every attempt to hold desired dates for a reasonable amount of time until all contracts have been reviewed and signed by the renter.


Loss/Damage Deposit

            ALL renters can be assessed a $250 deposit to ensure the safeguard of theatre equipment.  Upon completion of the load-out of the event the deposit will be refunded if all equipment is returned and is in good working order as it was received.  These funds cannot be used as a part of the final payment.


Final Payment

            The remaining balance of the rental fees and extraneous costs are due on arrival for the event load-in, no exceptions. 



            The Metropolitan Theatre maintains a concession staff and products and will be the only entity allowed to sell refreshments on the premises.

            Any sales of promotional items inside the theatre must be advanced with the theatre management and the theatre will retain 10% of gross sales revenue as verified at the end of the show run.


Insurance.  All renters MUST provide proof of liability insurance prior to the event.  The Metropolitan Theatre, BOPARC, and the City of Morgantown require that renters carry separate insurance and that we are listed as secondary insured.


All for profit entities are subject to all applicable taxes and will be informed of those taxes prior to your event.


Facility Fee. 

A “Facility Fee” of $1.00 per ticket will be collected from the renter by the Metropolitan Theatre on the day of the event for each ticket sold for that event.  This fee can be collected in any manner that the renter sees fit and ticket sales will be audited at the end of the event.  If it is a multiple day event the total ticket sales will be audited on the final day.



The Metropolitan Theatre is managed by


Board of Parks And Recreation Comissioners

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