Tips on Race Travel

These cycling tips are from the Gary Fisher / Saab Racing Team Manager, Scott Daubert.

Take an open mind with you from the start. Especially with today’s airline woes, there can be long waits at the check-in, cancelled flights and lost baggage at the other end. Always carry your helmet and shoes with you on the plane. That way, if the worst-case scenario happens, and your bike is lost, you can always borrow a buddy’s bike. It also makes sense to have a copy of your measurements for your seat height and bike fit.

Be flexible with your travel plans. Don’t be locked into one plan with no other options.

Give yourself plenty of time to adjust before the actual race. This may take some time to figure out, but observe your body’s responses to travel, and document your feelings and results so you can look back and prepare even better the next time. Different athletes need different amounts of time to adjust to jet lag, time changes, weather or climate differences and altitude.

Every race or trip is an opportunity to learn. Go with the mindset that the trip will be fun and enjoyable.

Take all of the necessary tools and pieces of equipment with you that you use at home. Using familiar tools and parts will help you adjustment your bike more easily in a new place.

Don’t rely on borrowing essentials from others on the road. You can never know if it will be what you are used to. Organize your tools well before departure, and eliminate the unnecessary.

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