Should I increase my Nordic Track Time or Resistance?

Dear Expert:

I started exercising on the Nordic track Nov. 4, 1998. I have exercised every day since then. I am now up to 45 minutes. Should I increase more time, or should I make the tension harder? Also, is this enough exercise or should I do something else? I have lost 18.5 pounds and want to lose 20 more. Thanks!


First of all, great job on your diligence with your exercise program. Regarding your Nordic Track exercise, I would not increase the duration. However, three days a week, start to perform some intervals within your 45 minute session. This will not only increase caloric expenditure, but will also increase your fitness level.

An example of an interval would be to increase your speed for two minutes and then resume normal speed for two minutes. Continue this interval training for 20 minutes.

I highly recommend performing some resistance exercises two to three days a week on alternating days. Perform these exercises after your Nordic track session. Even something as little as pushups and abdominal curls will help strengthen and tone your muscles as well as increase your lean tissue which will rev up your metabolic rate. This will, therefore, expedite body fat loss. Keep up the great work!

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