Relief from Hot Flashes with Soy

Hot flashes are one of the most annoying symptoms of menopause. Although they will eventually go away on their own, many women desire more rapid relief.

A growing body of evidence suggests that soy products can help hot flashes. Recently, a 6-week double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 39 women evaluated the benefits of soy isoflavones for hot flashes.1 Soy isoflavones are estrogen-like substances found in soy, other legumes, and red clover.

The results showed that soy consistently and significantly reduced the severity and frequency of hot flashes. In addition, soy by itself caused no estrogenic effects in the body, a finding that supports the safety of treatment with this natural remedy. Finally, at the end of the study estrogen and soy were taken together, and soy did not interfere with the action of the hormone.

The bottom line: When added to the findings of previous studies, this new evidence gives us good reason to believe that soy is a safe and effective treatment for hot flashes.

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