Loving Brains. Part 3

Early lack of love sets limits on how long we live, what illnesses we fall prey to and how happy our lives will be. If we cannot get real love we seek secondary compensations such as overeating, power-seeking and drug-taking, which help to push down the early deprivations. It seems too much or too risky to face the old pains, but avoidance has a cost.

Over time it takes too great an effort for the thinking brain to make up current stories about hazy past events or for the physiology to deal with constantly unbalanced or artificially medicated vital signs. The person then collapses into mental or physical illness, perhaps well before their time. They might even claim they had a happy childhood, loved life and did all the right things.

Sadly, the conscious brain just did not know about the unconscious turmoil but the body is always a mirror of the mind. It seems that we can “get well” on a cortical level yet remain “sick” below it. With this disconnection from lower brain centers we might misperceive and misjudge our true situation, i.e. be mentally smart but not emotionally intelligent.

Studies of early brain development may now be leading us toward more effective solutions to this primal human anguish. Prevention being always better than cure, we might campaign more convincingly for better care in pregnancy, childbirth and early rearing. Abortions should arguably be available for mothers who do not want and so cannot love their children.

For those whose early brain development has been seriously impaired we might be able to administer brain drugs that mimic the natural neurotransmitters and endorphins available to a healthy person. In psychotherapeutic work we might focus on communicating directly and respectfully with the feeling-sensing brain in order to acknowledge those old hurts and remove their imprints.

If these hidden baby pains can be brought into conscious awareness and recognized by the thinking brain as past events, the person is then able to move on in his life. The Primal therapy of Dr. Janov in Venice, California, has recognized the value of this approach for some time now. He works in the womb-like safety of a darkened, padded room to quiet the cortex and reach the lower brain.

David Sawyer in Colorado is exploring another way of accessing and integrating prenatal hurts using immersion in warm water. In both cases, the client is able to regress to very early developmental and preverbal states. In sessions, movement patterns, sounds and behaviors arise spontaneously that clearly reflect our animal evolution. Rather than fearing our origins, perhaps we can gain a greater respect for our place on the planet. A person who has felt his own nature so deeply and has discovered the profound beauty of it surely could not destroy nature around him for the sake of gain. Our superior brain might then show itself to be worthy of itself.

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