Loving Brains. Part 1

Don’t be such a baby! Can’t you grow up? Perhaps not. The more we learn about the human brain, the more it seems we cannot ignore how our evolutionary and gestational development affect our later lives.

It is fascinating to know that the stages a fetus goes through in its growth in the womb match our evolution as a species.

We have assumed that what makes us stand apart from other animals is our superior, singular, brain. Actually, though, we have inherited three brains piled up on top of each other in a hierarchy reflecting our relationship to other creatures. Our tripartite brain mirrors the progression from a relatively primitive brainstem concerned with instinct and survival, to the limbic system introducing emotions, to the frontal cortex allowing for understanding and reason.

We humans are uniquely thinking-feeling beings and often this appears to give rise to terrible internal conflict. The limbic system combines emotions with lower brainstem sensations to form the blood and guts of experience or the feeling brain. All manner of trauma that can occur in the new human life from its gestation until well after birth are directly and deeply imprinted on the feeling brain, which is up and running first. The thinking brain, or frontal cortex, is not fully operational until well after birth, however. So, the thinking brain has no direct experience of these early events and cannot explain them to itself without some help.

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