Jacob Dean. Part 1

My pregnancy started out alright. I found out I was pregnant at 6weeks and was put on prenatal vitamins and sent on my way.

At 12 weeks I had a bleeding episode. I still to this day do not know how someone can have that much blood and not miscarry. My husband and I went to the doctor the next day and had an unltrasound done. There the baby was, heart beating just as strong and proud as could be.

The doctor at this point classified the pregnancy as “high risk” even then I did not understand why? I mean the episode was over right?

At about six months I had to take the test that checks for gestational diabetes. No problem I had a six year old daughter and never had any problems there. Well, turned out I was gestational diabetic. No problem I tried to control my sugar with diet and eventually was put on insulin. Through all of it though.. I could not wait to see the baby.

My husband and I went for another ultrasound and found out that “it was probably a boy but she could not be sure” I have always wanted a baby boy. I was so excited. I just could not wait for him.

At about 7 months, I started getting what felt like a cold, but I had trouble breathing and was rushed to the emergency room on more than one occasion for fetal monitering and breathing treatments. Back and forth from ER to home.

Finally around September, I was admitted to the maternity ward for observation. I stayed for three days there. When I had first arrived I could get up and go to the bathroom and all was well. By the end of the third day i could not talk without losing my breath.

They sent me to ICU. The doctor had an ultrasound of my heart done. They thought i had a disecting anurism. I was flown air care to another hospital in the area. My husband was told that he had better hurry to the next hospital that I may not live until he got there. Once there, I was told that they would be doing an emergency hysterectomy and removing the baby. They said that he would probably live but be in NICU for awhile. My heart sunk. I knew that it was too early for the baby. They also said that I would be asleep during delivery and would not see him be born. This just crushed me.

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