Insight and Even more Brilliance, Part 4

“The Young oust the Doc” is next. I already discussed this. One thing I didn’t mention, however, is that they said several times that Doc was sick. The money was a bigger issue, but the first thing they mentioned when discussing voting out Doc was that he was sick. This is the first time I’ve heard this. I wonder if he was really sick or just something they grabbed onto to justify voting him out.

The next clip showed the Young people cooking up the Krispies and how they justified eating all of them:

Brandon: We’re going to act like these Krispies are all we’re having – we didn’t have mush. We don’t want them to think we ate their… you know what I mean?

Silas: Sure. But we’ll say we didn’t make as much – we’ll just say we need to make more.

Brandon: Right

Silas: So take your time. We’re in no rush.

Brandon: Except we’re not going to get the Krispies. If they come back, they’re going to think that they get some, too.

And then later, after they’ve eaten. A classic example of justifying wrong behavior:

Silas: Let’s be honest and say it took them so long. We made Krispies, started eating them and then we had to boil some more water. You know? I mean, that’s the truth. We’re not trying to hide anything.

Kim: That’s true

Brandon: But if we left them two scoops in that pot, it’s just as bad as if we ate the whole thing. In fact, it’s worse.

Silas: Well, then let’s eat the whole thing

Brandon: Ok, let’s eat the whole thing and I’ll start fixing some more things

Kim: I’ll just make Krispies out of all this

Brandon: Yeah, let’s make Krispies out of all this.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we’ll see that they ran out of food and are now contemplating eating bugs and elephant dung.

That’s it for this week, folks. Thank you for reading my crap.

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