Insight and Even more Brilliance, Part 3

“What do I think? I am excited!”

I am not making this up. We had a group of multi-million-dollar company top level executives talking to a bunch of geeky engineers like they were at a sales force rally.

The person next to me leaned over and whispered, “If they say excited one more time, I’m going to get really concerned for my job.”

Sure enough, within the week, it was announced that a minimum of 40 people would be laid off. This following 100 just a month ago.

The next clip was called, “The Old play with Integrity.”

Carl: You can play this game with integrity or you can play this game with deceit. I’m going to play with integrity. Let someone else play with deceit.

And in a matter of just a few minutes, I counted the number feel-good phrases, phrases such as what Carl just said and how they continually repeated each other like a mantra. I am NOT making up the following exchange.

Talking about Silas:
Carl: He’s been in an alliance with the Young people since Day 1
Teresa: He’s in an alliance with the young people
Carl: Hey it’s a game
Teresa: It’s a game
Linda: It’s a game
Frank: That’s right, it’s all just a game

And after a lengthy exchange where integrity and honor were stated many times.

Carl: They don’t understand the word, Honor
Linda: Right. And integrity.

The next clip was Kim Johnson talking about Boran and the group dynamics. “They are pretty similar to what they’ve been for quite a while. There are five of us who get along pretty well. There are four of us who… are on the same wave, same line of thinking, at least in terms of when we’re talking about things. Well, actually make that three, even. And then there’s one who, I’d say… a little bit… Although, in all practical appearances it looks like he’s sharing in the dynamics of the group, but I’m not so sure that’s true in reality.

“I would say that Clarence is still on the fringe of the group, although in all fairness to him he’s making a huge effort to be a part of the group, and not be as overbearing.”

“I relate to Kelly and Lex but I’m really crazy about Ethan.”

So, there appears to be a minor alliance between Kim J, Kelly, Lex, and Ethan based on this and other things she’s said. But not necessarily an alliance, but more like a closer friendship, a relationship where they relate to each other better than to the others.

The other clip showed Brandon and Kim from Samburu, and then the whole team, talking about who’s going to sit out. It’s kind of funny to hear Brandon say, when talking about himself and Kim, “…here we have two of the stronger people…” Look at this picture of Brandon – Silas’ NOSE is bigger than Brandon’s biceps!

And then we have a clip called, “Kelly tells all.” I think the cameramen felt guilty about showing Kelly so early in the morning, so they tried to balance it off by featuring her with a nice glow from the sun on her hair and the wind blowing it back in an elegant matter (well, as much as unwashed, greasy hair can possibly blow in the wind). She discussed the group and didn’t say anything all that new.

“Lex the Leader” was the next clip. He is definitely taking a leadership role but in a way that true leaders are. He makes suggestions and helps plan the day in a manner which is more “here’s what we need to do today, do all of you agree?” and not at all, “We’re doing this, dammit.” Because his suggestions are all excellent common sense suggestions, he is definitely coming across as the undeclared leader.

I like Lex. He’s a drummer, you know. (If you haven’t read my profile on Lex, you might want take a gander on over because I once again amazed myself with my prophetic brilliance.)

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