Insight and Even more Brilliance, Part 2

Tom and Lex were discussing being woken up in the middle of the night to the lions (this conversation I am not making up):

Tom: I’m not sure what I was thinkin’, but I’m pretty sure the first thing I felt was fear.
Lex: Well, I know when I got woken up out of a dead sleep it was definitely fear.
Tom: But after I got done hugging Ethan, I settled down, then we cuddled back up.
Lex: I could hear you two like girls…
Tom: I called him Jessie! I don’t know why. ::laughter:: And then, my fingers got stuck in that curly hair and I knew it wasn’t Jess and said, “Uh oh, excuse me!”

The next was called “The Young and the Ruthless.” Silas was talking about the young versus the old, but then he went off on this long tirade about the atomic structure of Uranium and how the protons and the electrons have positive and negative charges and how there’s a certain magnetic pull…

I just got confused. Whenever Silas starts discussing atomic physics it just goes right over my head.

And my first impression of Silas was that he’s not all that much of a deep thinker, let alone someone with the mind of a scientist. Wow. Who’d a thunk?

Silas pontificated, “Can you imagine if one of us was out and we had to be with those old people for the whole time? Not to say that that’s bad, I mean, but… That’s BAD! That would suck. They’re all good people, but dad-gummit… we’re better.”

Brandon chimed in, “None of us would be that manipulative and awful in real life, but it sure is fun here!”

The company I work for just merged our division with three other divisions. In a big-deal presentation, they set up a live, two big screen video conference between the companies. Our vice-president was able to talk to theirs.

All 1000 people gathered together and all their hundreds and hundreds of people gathered together and the cameras switched back and forth as each person talked and introduced “your new leaders.”

One thing that troubled people was how each of the new vice-presidents repeatedly said, “I am excited! I am excited about this merger!”

Over and over again we heard this, “And now over to Jack in our California division. What do you think, Jack?”

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