Insight and Even more Brilliance, Part 1

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On the first clip, Ethan, Mamma Kim, and Tom were discussing all the animals they heard the night before, the lions pacing around, breathing, “I heard hyenas howling, zebras, and I think I even heard an elephant.”

You can play with children, “What sound does a dog make?”


“What sound does a cat make?”


“A frog?” “Ribbit.”


“… ????”

I told my kids it sounds just like a tiger because of the stripes. Later in life, they’ll be on a safari, “Hey, that lion sounds just like a zebra!”

Remember that song you were taught in Sunday school,

“He’s got the whole


In his hands.

He’s got the whole…”

If Ethan gets only one post-Survivor moment of fame, he should definitely get some sort of bit part as one of Jesus’ disciples.Also remember when your mother told you to stop making faces because someday your face will freeze that way?

Scary, eh?

Luckily for Kelly, she was able to rub her face for a few minutes and get it back to normal.

Have you ever watched a video of yourself talking in slow motion? It can get really ugly with all the faces you make. And then, if you have someone like me to take snapshots and post it for the world to see…

Kinda makes you not want to talk ever.

A brilliant reader (Matt aka Hamlet) wrote in with a caption for the scrunched up face. “Phone home!”

(Sorry Kelly. If it makes you feel any better, I must admit that you, to my surprise, are my favorite babeness on the show. So, this is all done with Love and yes, offers for mutual fondling action.)

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