Guidelines for Finding a Massage Therapist Post 3

To select a therapist from their list, use these guidelines:
Make appointments with several different therapists · Don’t feel obligated to continue seeing the same therapist, especially if it is your first appointment or you don’t feel the therapist meets your needs. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable to make future appointments with the same therapist if you are comfortable and happy with him or her.

Trying different therapists exposes you to many different styles of touch and techniques. No two massages are the same, even with the same therapist. You will also find that the more massages you have, the more you understand about massage therapy and how it best helps you.

Once you narrow down your list of possible therapists, call the therapist and ask to schedule a time to visit the office. Most therapists should agree to this. Tell the therapist that it is your first massage or that you are looking for a new therapist. Look around the office. Is the therapist’s office in a respectable neighborhood? Do you feel comfortable in the area. If you are worried about your personal safety, you will have a difficult time relaxing. Look around the office. Do you see a license and/or certificates indicating the therapist’s training? Does it look clean? Check the therapy rooms. Are the linens clean? Do you feel comfortable in the room? Is the lighting adjustable? Ask the therapist to show you how the room looks during a session. Is the atmosphere relaxing? Do you hear outside noise when you are in the therapy room? If so, ask the therapist what he or she does about the noise during a session. Is a restroom nearby? (You never know when you will have to make an unexpected trip to the restroom.)

Ask the therapist questions about his or her experience and work. Is he or she a graduate of an accredited massage school? Does he or she specialize in any techniques?

The client/therapist relationship is unique. You go to your massage therapist because you like the therapist and the therapist’s work. Personality plays a large role in the success of your relationship with your therapist. How do you feel around the therapist? Is there rapport between you? Are you comfortable with the therapist?

These guidelines can help you find a therapist who meets your specific massage therapy needs. Do your homework. Ask all the questions you need to ask. Make sure you feel comfortable with the therapist. Most importantly, enjoy the massage therapy experience.

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