Expanding Market

When healthcare providers affiliate with clubs, the membership market increases from a typical 3- to 5-mile radius to an 8- to 10-mile radius. This occurs because healthcare affiliation offers commercial clubs the credibility of safety and security. This new confidence attracts community residents who have never joined an area health club. While health clubs extend healthcare providers’ continuum of healthcare services, healthcare providers bring instant credibility, enlarging the membership opportunity pool.

Third-party reimbursement

With fewer patients, fewer days in the hospital, fewer treatments offered and fewer dollars received for treatments, the healthcare industry has been forced to find new ways to offer services in cost-effective environments. Your health club can be a site where healthcare services can be delivered at significantly lower costs than in the healthcare arena, and in an environment where the expectation is paying full price for full service.

Should health clubs push for third-party payment for membership? Since health club services are insulated from third-party reimbursement, they are also insulated from the controls of insurance companies. Health clubs who are reimbursed like healthcare providers may be forced to do more with less and settle for discounted fees.


Whether you are a single club operator or manage numerous clubs, a strategic partnership with healthcare providers can be mutually beneficial.

Such a relationship enhances the maneuverability of both entities with the goal of creating new profit centers, access to new clients and healthier communities.

Health clubs offer an opportunity to healthcare institutions to stabilize the ongoing flux of healthcare changes, and not only create an accessible delivery system, but a new non-traditional profit center.

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