Digital Day Care. Part 3

“This kind of communication shows that this isn’t just Big Brother,” says Schenenga. “It’s keeping parents in tune with their children’s needs, even in the most practical sense. That’s powerful stuff.”

Birthdays and holidays are some of the toughest times for parents and children to be apart. At Carol’s Cottage for Kids, a large-scale day care in Gretna, La., teachers and children incorporate the cameras into their holiday celebrations so parents don’t feel left out.

“We like to put on a show for the cameras because we know the parents crave involvement,” says owner Carol Calvo. “The children made Easter baskets and paraded them before the cameras last Easter and we did the same kind of thing with homemade Mother’s Day cards. We make sure our kids connect with their parents on special occasions.”

The Archive Advantage
Progressive Childcare Systems is the only company in the childcare video market to give parents access to video of their children in the present and the past. Archived Web cam footage is stored on their servers for up to three days and is accessed with the same ease as the current video.

“The archives are great for parents who can’t get to a computer while they’re away on business,” Copin says. “Daddies especially like the archives because they can sit down with their child in front of the computer and review their day with them. It reinforces what the child learned in school that day.”

Cold Reception From Caregivers
According to Pat Vinson, president of the national childcare franchise KidsRKids, installing cameras in his 87 day care facilities was a tough idea to sell to caregivers. “Many of our teachers were apprehensive at first,” he says. “One person said it was nerve-racking to have parents basically looking over her shoulder all day long. But it wasn’t long before she didn’t even notice the cameras.”

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