Changes in Bodily Functions

I have personally observed changes in my bodily functions.

The consensus of research is that the following amino acids and nutrients have an extremely positive effect on the pituitary gland secretions of human growth hormone.
L-Arginine & L-Ornithine
L-Glutamine & Glycine
Niacin amide
Used in combination with each other and EXERCISE there is a synergistic effect.

Exercise and the level of aerobic exercise has a very positive effect on the secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

These substances each have a positive effect on Human Growth Hormone. Used together the effect is synergistic. In other words they work with each other to increase blood levels. Some, most, increase production. Others decrease the re-absorption.

My personal levels of consumption. My supplementation levels and combinations are based on extensive secondary research. I have not accepted any single source of research. If I did not find a consensus of opinion from a multitude of sources I discounted the unsubstantiated research.

These are all naturally occurring constituents of food. However they are not available at these levels in food alone.

Please note there can be negative side effects.

All of the above listed items are available from sources like GNC, Whole Foods, or any full-service health food store.

Some of the supplements are relatively inexpensive. Some are relatively expensive. My secondary research has shown that most of the above listed products have an effect on the pituitary gland. Used in combination my research shows that they have a synergistic effect.

There are products on the market that are combinations of common Amino Acids and other common Nutritional Supplements that are sold as products that increase the levels of Human Growth Hormone. These products contain many of the above listed nutrients plus “secret ingredients”.

These products are generally sold as body building supplements. Often they contain testosterone precursors. The testosterone precursors are similar, if not same, as the product used by Mark McGwire the year he hit 70 home runs. However there is the potential for considerable negative side effects with these substances. These products tend to be more expensive and contain reduced amounts of the more expensive components.

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