10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Health Club

Not all health clubs are the same. Before you join one, check out these helpful suggestions.

Before joining a health club, consider the following:

1. Ensure the club is accredited with Fitness NSW.

2. Make sure the club’s staff are qualified, preferably at a university, especially the fitness staff.

3.The level of cleanliness in the gym and changerooms is a good overall indicator of the quality of the club, as is the regularity of equipment maintenance.

4. “Location, location, location”. If you pick a gym close to your office or home, you’ll have more time for training.

5. “Reciprocal right” gym networks may be better value for frequent travelers.

6. Check that personal exercise plans are included with all membership types.

7. Can other family members go to the same health club (Do you want them to go there?)

8. Negotiating a free trial period is the best way to determine how the staff relate to the members.

9. How careful is the person selling the membership in determining what you want from that club?

10. What extras, like free use of towels, are being offered? Is this important?

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